Arts OutWest


‘Arts OutWest is the regional arts development organisation of Central West New South Wales, Australia.

The core program of Arts OutWest is funded by the NSW government through Create NSW, by 11 contributing local governments and by Charles Sturt University. Additional regional projects are funded and carried out through a range of partnerships.

Arts OutWest is an independent incorporated association and one of the 14 networked Regional Arts Organisations in NSW. Arts OutWest is a member of Regional Arts NSW.

Arts OutWest is the auspicing body for Cowra Voices.

‘Nikkei Australia promotes research, study, arts and cultural practices and community information exchange about the Nikkei diaspora in Australia. Nikkei Australia was created in 2013 by a group of interested researchers who came together to facilitate the Cowra Civilian Internee Arts Program and the International Symposium: Civilian Internment in Australia.’

The founding members are Dr Yuriko Nagata, Dr Keiko Tamura, Dr Lorna Kaino, Mayu Kanamori. Current members who will be project facilitators of Cowra Voices include Mayu Kanamori, Jacque Schultze, Masako Fukui, Chie Muraoka.’

Nikkei Australia members are designing, creating and testing the Cowra Voices app.

Cowra Council


‘Cowra is in Central New South Wales approximately one hour from other regional hubs of Bathurst and Orange.

As a result of the events of the Cowra Breakout in 1944, Cowra has close historical ties to Japan that manifest themselves in various forms within the town. Cowra also has a strong relationship with Indonesia and Italy because of the large number of POW in the town during WWII.

Cowra has always prided itself on being the centre of World Friendship and promotes the accepting nature of the town through the annual Festival of International Understanding, celebrating a different international culture each year.

Cowra Council is both a funding body and partner in Cowra Voices.

Cowra Tourism Corporation


“Cowra Tourism Corporation is a not-for-profit organisation that is financially supported by a membership base of 100 businesses and Cowra Council. The mission of Cowra Tourism Corporation is to increase awareness of the Cowra district as an escape destination while providing support and working with stakeholders to enhance existing experiences and develop new initiatives’.

Cowra Tourism Corporation is providing tourism related knowledge and expertise to Cowra Voices.

Tokai Universityog_image

“Tokai” of “Tokai University” refers to the sea to the east of Asia, namely the Pacific Ocean, and symbolizes the desire to foster the kinds of big hearts, rich spirits, and broad perspectives symbolized by the expanse of an ocean.

The Tokai University Educational System is one of the largest general education and research institutions in Japan today. To seek mutual understanding and global peace through the education of, and interaction with, young scholars from around the world, we began accepting foreign students from at early stage and have consistently promoted Japanese-language education.’

Tokai University students are contributing design ideas to the Cowra Voices app.


ABC Central West NSW


The Australian Broadcasting Corporation is Australia’s national broadcaster. ABC Central West NSW covers the central tablelands including Bathurst, Orange, Cowra and surrounding regions. ABC Central West (call sign: 2CR) is the ABC Local Radio station for the Central Tablelands region, based in Orange, New South Wales. It broadcasts on 549 kHz on the AM band.

ABC Central West is providing recording equipment and studio support.



Sazae is a small, Sydney based company specialising in web and mobile application development, online marketing and IT consulting. Staff members are from diverse backgrounds, and Sazae works in a number of languages including English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese.

Sazae is the app developer for Cowra Voices.

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