14th November, 2020

Cowra Voices has been recognised by three history awards – winner of the Oral History NSW Community History Award 2020,  an Honorary Mention in the History Council NSW Awards 2020 and a Highly Commended citation in the National Trust NSW Heritage Awards 2020.

The Cowra Voices team would like to congratulate everyone involved in the making of Cowra Voices. Thank you, and well done!

31st October, 2020

Cowra Voices is the winner of the Oral History NSW Community History Award 2020. For more about the award, read this blog post.

22nd October, 2020

Cowra Voices has been shortlisted for the National Trust Heritage Awards 2020 in the education and interpretation category. The finalists were announced today, and the winners will be announced at a virtual ceremony on November 12th. Stay tuned!!

22nd November, 2019

Cowra Voices project has now concluded. The app can be dowloaded for free from

Any enquiries about the app can be addressed to Cowra Council.

16th August, 2019

The Sydney launch of Cowra Voices is scheduled for September 4, 2019. Hosted by the Australia-Japan Society NSW and Japan Foundation Sydney, this event will also be the Sydney launch of the Cowra Japanese War Cemetery Online Database.

Venue is Japan Foundation, 4th Floor Central Park (28 Broadway, Chippendale), 6-8pm. Light refreshments will be served. Please register via the Australia-Japan Society website. AJS members $15; non-members $20. See you there.combined cowra3

3rd August, 2019

Cowra Voices app is finally launched! At a event with about 100 guests at the Cowra Civic Centre, Cowra Voices app is now public and available for download. Just go to and tap on either the App Store or Google Play to download your app onto your phone!


28th June, 2019

The Cowra Voices project team successfully completed test driving the app this week in Cowra, and are now ‘tweaking’ and refining the app’s functionalities and content in time for the official launch on August 3, 2019.

Approximately 20 ‘test drivers’ trialled the app in Cowra, and gave us detailed feedback, even pointing out missing spaces between words in the transcript, so thank you to all who participated in the test drive for fine tooth combing the app! This feedback is invaluable, and will undoubtedly contribute to a better app.

While in Cowra, the project team briefed staff members of Cowra Visitor Information Centre on the history and aims of the Cowra Voices project. Dr Keiko Tamura, who joined the project team in Cowra to assist with the test drive, briefed Cowra Tourism on our ‘sister’ project, Cowra Japanese Cemetery Online Database.

Standing: Ray Walsh (Chairman, Cowra Tourism Corporation), Masako Fukui (Cowra Voices Project Team); Sitting: Joanne Chambers (Cowra Tourism), Chie Muraoka (Cowra Voices), Belinda Virgo (Tourism Manager, Cowra Tourism); Lexie Hopkins (Cowra Tourism), Dr Keiko Tamura (Cowra Japanese Cemetery Online Database); Photo by Mayu Kanamori

The Cowra Voices team also paid a visit to Don Kibbler AM, whose contributions to Cowra and its relationship with Japan is invaluable and immeasurable. His stories also feature in the Cowra Voices app.

Chie Muraoka, Dr Keiko Tamura, Masako Fukui, Mayu Kanamori with Don Kibbler AM

22nd June, 2019

The Cowra Voices app is now ready for a test drive in Cowra! The Project team will be in Cowra next week to take the app for a spin. If you’re interested in helping us test the app, please contact us


29 May, 2019

The Cowra Voices project has received additional funding from the Japan Foundation, Sydney’s Arts and Culture grants program. The funds are specifically for the launch of Cowra Voices app, which will be in early August, coinciding with the 75th anniversary commemorations of the Cowra Breakout.

The Japan Foundation’s Arts and Culture grants program supports a range of arts and culture project such as performances, exhibitions, and festivals, to bring the work of Japanese artists, or Japanese arts and cultural content, to Australian audiences.

We will now be working with the Cowra Breakout – 75TH Anniversary Commemorations to finalise details of our launch on August 4. Watch this space!

Japan Foundation

March 15, 2019

Software Developer Sazae to build Cowra Voices app

Cowra Voices has signed a contract with IT Consulting and Software Development company Sazae to develop the geolocative, storytelling app.

Sazae is a small, Sydney based company specialising in web and mobile application development, online marketing and IT consulting. Staff members are from diverse backgrounds, and Sazae works in a number of languages including English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese.

Founder and Director of Sazae Ayumi Mizoshiri will be the lead the project team along with Project Manager Jinah You to develop Cowra Voices.

Ayumi MIzoshiri, Founder/Director of Sazae holding a ‘sazae’, a kind of shellfish. ‘Sazae san’ is also the name of a much loved Japanese comic series. Photo supplied

March 11, 2019

Nancy Shelley Bequest Fund Support for Cowra Voices

Cowra Voices has received additional funding from the Nancy Shelley Bequest Fund to help further the project’s work in the areas of Indigenous concerns and peace.

The Nancy Shelley Bequest Fund is the responsibility of the Blue Mountains Quaker Meeting (NSW), and is intended to provide financial assistance for projects or activities that support Nancy Shelley’s concerns and passions, identified as matters relating to peace, indigenous concerns, matters relating to women’s education and leadership particularly in relation to music and mathematics, and also concerns of the local Blue Mountains Meeting and Australia Yearly Meeting [also known as the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Australia].

To learn more about Nancy Shelley, click here

To learn more about the Nancy Shelley Bequest Fund, click here

To learn more about the presence of Quakers in Australia, their history and their concerns, click here

Nancy Shelley, photo supplied

Quakers_QuakersLogo (Nancy Shelley Bequest Fund)

March 5, 2019

Cowra Breakout Association Supports for Cowra Voices

Cowra Voices has received additional funding from The Cowra Breakout Association to conclude work on the app. Cowra Voices will be launched as part of the Cowra Breakout Association’s 75th Anniversary Commemorations.

Breakout Association Logo

September 17, 2018

Cowra Voices project begins recording ‘voices’ in Cowra

Cowra Voices project facilitators Mayu Kanamori and Masako Fukui arrived in Cowra today to begin recording all the ‘voices’ and stories for the app.

After a meeting with project partner ABC Central West, Mayu and Masako met with former Cowra Council mayor Bruce Miller about the Saburo Nagakura Park and Cowra born and Cowra Guardian journalist Kelsey Sutor about Sakura Avenue.

The Cowra Voices team will be in Cowra until September 22nd. More information is in our blog.

September 11, 2018

Cowra Voices project receives continued funding from Australia-Japan Foundation, Cowra Council and Cowra Breakout Association

Cowra Voices storytelling project has received continued funding from the Australia-Japan Foundation and additional funding from Cowra Council to create the geolocative storytelling app. The grant will enable the project to record the peace and reconciliation stories unique to Cowra, to build and test the app, due to be launched in August 2019.

In mid-September, the recordings of the stories which will comprise the app will begin in Cowra.


February 18, 2018

Cowra Voices storytelling project begins with visit to Cowra with Japanese students

Cowra Voices App Diagram
Cowra Voices App Diagram, Chie Muraoka Designer

Nikkei Australia members will accompany six design students from Tokai University’s Sapporo campus on a visit Cowra between February 23rd and 25th to begin work on Cowra Voices.

The university students will homestay with Cowra locals and visit famous sites including the cemeteries, Japanese Gardens, the Peace Bell, and POW Camp Site. They will have the opportunity to meet representatives of Cowra Council and learn about Cowra’s history. They will contribute to the technical and aesthetic design of the app, which is expected to be launched at the 75th anniversary of the Cowra Breakout in August, 2019.

For more information Contact Us


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