Irene Ridgeway

Irene Ridgeway

Irene Ridgeway has been involved in the Indigenous arts industry for more than 10 years as an artist, gallery owner, workshop facilitator and arts teacher. Irene’s strong enthusiasm and passion for Indigenous art, culture, identity and expression is reflective in her work, which embraces printmaking, painting, photography and mixed media.

Irene’s arts practice focuses on the political, and she has a deep sense of the importance of linking cultures together working across Indigenous and non-Indigenous knowledge systems, creating relationships which resonate with both cultures, as evidenced in her work for the arts festival Cementa.

Irene has a strong connection with the Cowra region having worked in the community over several years as an exhibiting artist involved in the Corridor Project which was based in Cowra, exhibiting in the Cool burn exhibition and most recently in the Star Picket exhibition at Orange Regional Art Gallery.

Irene sees the Cowra Voices project as a unique opportunity to further explore the many layers of this unique cultural story.








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