The Japanese Garden and Cultural Centre: where spirits rest among trees and rocks

The Japanese Garden and Cultural Centre is one of the main attractions in Cowra, and is a symbol of the deep and enduring friendship the people of Cowra share with the people of Japan.

Who’s Buried at Cowra Japanese War Cemetery: Civilian Internees Masu Kusano, Jiro Muramatsu, Liong Tjwan Kang

POWs, airmen or military personnel are not the only people buried at Cowra Japanese War Cemetery. Civilian internees who died on Australian soil during the Pacific War are also buried in Cowra.

Who’s Buried at Cowra Japanese War Cemetery: The first Japanese POW, Tadao Minami

Tadao Minami is perhaps the most well known of all the prisoners of war buried at the Cowra Japanese War Cemetery. He was the first Japanese POW to be captured in Australia.

Australia’s first World Peace Bell

The World Peace Bell is a symbol of hope for world peace. Cowra's Peace Bell is Australia's first, and the only bell presented to a small town in recognition of Cowra's unique story of peace and reconciliation.

Cowra celebrates Japan: report from the 2019 Festival of International Understanding

The annual Cowra Festival of International Understanding held between March 15th - 17th, 2019 celebrated Japan as its guest nation. Japan was the first official guest nation in 1966, and is the only country in the world to be the guest twice.

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